Shaelyn waved her hand, and the door slammed shut. The air in the room grew thick and sparkled with energy. Shaelyn’s hair floated out around her head, and her body lifted from the ground. She glowed, surrounded by a visible orange aura. “You will give me another day, Ronlen.”>>
Layla, fearing the worst, stepped in front of Ronlen. “Shaelyn. Calm yourself. This will not help your cause.”>>
Ronlen squared his shoulders and rose from the floor in turn. His aura glowed a deep crimson. “You wish to challenge me, you foolish girl? I am far older and more powerful than you. It would not be wise.”>>
“Shaelyn, Ronlen, back down. This is not going to resolve this issue. We have nothing to lose by giving her another day, Ronlen. Come with me. I need you to help me speak with The Shadow Demon. I need to know his true intentions for choosing this man. If he truly is Shaelyn’s mate as she believes, then The Shadow Demon has had an unforeseen role. We need to know what that means.”>>
Ronlen and Shaelyn continued to face each other. The room crackled with their energy. Ronlen raised the staff in his hand. Shaelyn raised her arms. >>
“Enough!” Layla now floated surrounded by her own brilliant green aura. “I will side with her, Ronlen. This is not the time or the place.”>>
Shaelyn smiled proudly at her sister. When the chips were down, family mattered. “She will, Ronlen. You know she will. I have my day. I suggest you go with Layla and investigate The Shadow Demon’s role in the choosing of Derek. It will be enlightening, I’m sure.”>>
Ronlen snarled, but he settled back down to the floor, his aura receding. “This is not finished. You are blind to reason, Shaelyn. I will see what the other Elders have to say about this, and then we will see who is strong enough to stand against whom.” He turned and stalked out, his black cape billowing out behind him.>>