Seducing Annie

Author(s): Rose Lerma

ISBN (Print): 978-1-897455-05-1
ISBN (Electronic): 1897261721
Genre: Historical
Date Published: 05/30/2007
Publisher: Champagne Books
Author's Website:

Annie blames herself for her wanton behavior, but how was she to know the man who appeared at her door after midnight wasn’t her fiancé? If she hadn’t been desperate, she wouldn’t have run to meet him clad only in her sleeping gown. Yet that wasn’t her worst mistake. Nor was killing her landlord.

Jared had been on a mission to rescue his brother from the clutches of another woman. How was he to know his body would betray him when Annie threw herself into his arms? But was his crude behavior responsible for the trouble that followed?

Seducing Annie may be devious, but it’s the only way to protect Annie, and assuage his guilt.