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I know the holiday season is upon us. I went shopping yesterday with the kids (they’re on Fall Break from Year Round School) and I had to slip into that aisle at Walmart that contains all the Halloween stuff that makes them ooh and ahs. I was in a rush, school being on my evening menu instead of a home cooked meal, but I waited. I had to watch each of them as they carried on around the costumes, wondering when I had lost that fascination with dressing up and trick or treating.
Time flies, I realized as my youngest tried on his Jason mask. I can think back and remember taking my little brother (now 38) trick or treating. I remember my own costume that I wore until it fell apart, the green plastic face of the witch still managing to make me smile when I come across it in the local drugstore. Seriously, I would have thought costumes from the 1960s would have disappeared a long time ago, replaced by the latest and greatest.
As I watched the kids try on the assortment of masks, wigs, and play with the accessories that accompanied the costumes, I was amazed. Time had flown since I had last ran through the darkness of the night, giggling with glee, holding my brother’s hand, and sweating beneath the facemask and vinyl costume that smelled distinctly of plastic. I haven’t swung a pumpkin full of candy in ages, anticipating the rewards that lie within.
I envy the young, who can still find excitement in the night. For years, I’ve watched my kids from a safe distance while they’ve rung door bells. I hold the flashlight, keep the watchful eye, watch for cars, and do headcount. I keep the nut cases away from them, you know the ones….they wait at the street corners, and they’re not the predators that you think they would be. They’re the ones that start condemning the parents and children for the one simple night of fun, stating in loud voices that we’re all going to Hell for worshipping the devil on Halloween. I’ve had my share of debates with them. Yes, I’ve snapped in my own way, telling them that they don’t know what they’re talking about. I hate those individuals that feel that they have to go out of their way to ruin an event for small children. I value your opinion but, for the sake of the kids, please keep it to yourself.
Savor the holidays, even the little and what seems non-important ones. The years slip by too swiftly and, before you know it, you’ll wonder where they’ve gone.