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    Halloween is the time for parties and fun, as well as the witch's new year. And it's my favorite holiday so we have a huge party every year. But we have a problem. We keep making the same things to eat and drink and fun as they are...the mongol horde (my friends and family) wants something new! so in honor of Demon's Love Cinnamon, coming from Breathless Press on Oct. 29, I am having a contest to help me find the very best Halloween food recipe and drink recipe. Get details at There are Prizes!
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    Sounds like fun. I'll go through my recipe books and see if I can suggest anything.
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    Default Thanks Shelby

    I hope I get lots of recipes! It's nice and cool and we're all back in cooking who knows? Serious or silly, scary or gourmet...and of course lots of drinks!

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