Lori's mother Claire was consistent to say the least. She could always tell when her mother was up to mischief and match-making.

"Why don't you see if Devin wants to join us for the pot roast? You know there's plenty for the three of us," Claire said, as they pulled up into the driveway next to Devin's at the duplex, "I've never seen a good-looking man turn down a hot homecooked meal. Besides, he spends too much time alone over there."

Lori mulled over the idea for only a moment. The old Chevy still inched further up the driveway, though she had the brake pedal pressed all the way to the floor. Maybe she would have to ask Devin to look at it after all.

"Mother...," Lori said. Her exasperation crisp in her voice when she shifted the vehicle into park, "Why can't you leave well enough alone?"

"I'm just saying," Claire said, turning to her daughter, "He's a fine looking man and it's just not normal for you to spend so much time alone. You need a man in your life. Why not Devin?"

Why not Devin? Her mother wasn't aware of the fact that she did have a man in her life, though he wasn't romance material or made of flesh and blood. She barely had a moment's peace or much privacy thanks to Asenn.

His ghostly appearances came at all hours of the day. She had grown used to his materializing at inconvenient moments, though there were some days his ethereal pranks left much to be desired, as had been the case today with the wafers at church.

Asenn was a mischievous spirit and Lori wasn't sure why she was able to see him, when no one else could.