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    Question: I know that the main character's names are set by the Host Author, but can I name any additional characters as I want?

    Answer: Yes, you can name secondary and any additional characters as you please. As long as the main/primary characters follow what we have set out.

    Question: What is the minimum number of sentences that I should have in my paragraph entry?

    Answer: At least 5 complete sentences.

    Question: How is the winner chosen in each series?

    Answer: The Host Author will make that decision.

    Question: When does the series close for entries? Or when is the last day I can submit a paragraph entry?

    Answer: All entries must be received by the last day of the series by 12 PM EST to qualify as an entry. The dates for the series are listed in the description of the series listed on the main page of the Coffee Write forum area.

    Question: What is the rating of the series? What is the sensuality that I can write into the series?

    Answer: Remember, we are trying to focus on the 'story' aspect in our creativeness. Sometimes sex is part of the story and appropriate. Try to keep this story line under the Erotic level. Sensual is fine. Hard core is not.

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