Half way through "Home is the Sailor", I decided to write it under my own name as a follow-up to releasing "The First Born" as David Andrews. That was twelve months ago, which makes the longest I've worked on any book since I took up writing seriously in 1997.
It wasn't the book's fault. Life just got in the road as I explored the freedom of writing as myself.
I finished the final rewrite about two hours ago and it sits a smidgen over 88,000 words at present. I'll let it sit for a week or two before I give it a final read through and then decide what I intend to do with it.
Like "The First Born" it is intended as part of a series, but I suspect the stories will be written out of chronological order because it tells of a family outlawed by Good Queen Bess shortly after the Armada, who went on to become Caribbean pirates and then traders with pirates before becoming ship-owners. "Home is the Sailor" is set in this period, during the short peace following the Treaty of Amiens in 1802.
I intend going back to the beginnings in 1588 with the next story...