This is my intro post. I live in OK, just outside of Tulsa. I am an avid reader, of course. About a book a day (when life doesn't get too strange). I read about everything except horror. Lately, as in last 4-6 months, I have been in a romance (& erotica) mood. I own about 1500+ books in every genre (hubby reads horror, so all covered). Fav author all time: Robert A Heilein. Fav Romance Author would be hard to pin down but I have EVERY Joannah Lindsey & Stephanie Laurens!

I am a housewife/homemaker. Yes, that means one income household. And since I didn't put anything about stay at home mom, you guessed correctly, no kids either. That is due to my diabetes. Type 1, which means I HAVE to take the shots (been doing that since I was 21. Interesting was to interupt college!). We do ok with the one income thing but I keep a tight hold of the purse strings to make sure :D.

I don't know a lot about these forums. I don't have a blog or my own website or anything like that. I tend to get online in the middle of the night, so not sure if there would be anyone to "talk" with anyway. But some of the things on the site got my interest (esp were everyone 'writes' the story...not that I am a writer, but it looked like fun). As with posting inthe middle of the night, there are times when I don't get a chance to get back online for a few days, so I may be in & out... Sort of like my real life.

I help take care of my mom right now. She has health problems, and this year her back has gotten bad enough that she is stuck in bed. So I go over & clean house for my parents once a week & visit with her.

Other than that, not sure what else to add here...

Thanks, Vicky