Hi everyone, and welcome to my Coffee Corner!

I'm a writer who just had my debut novel, Magick Charm, published this year by Crescent Moon Press. This novel is the first in a series, all about a pair of identical twins living in New Orleans. Well, the twins are identical in appearance (mostly), but very different in temperament.

Janie is a journalist, who works for the A&L section of Big Easy News. She loves books, so her job as a book reviewer is perfect... at least until her new boss shakes things up at the paper.

Rachel is Janie's twin. She is a believer in all things mystical and magickal, from spells to voodoo to tarot cards. Above all, she's convinced of the existence of a special bond that exists between twins, something she calls twintuition.

I love to throw these two into funny, crazy situations. I just wrote a scene where Janie meets her boyfriend's family for the first time. The visit is unexpected, and of course at the worst possible moment.

If you'd like to read more of the twins' bios, from their own perspectives, drop by my webpage at www.jennifer-wells.com and click the "Meet the Twins" link. I've also got a page full of the places you can find me on the internet - Facebook, my blog, Twitter, MySpace - so you can successfully stalk me. Please stop by and send me a comment, email, or question!