Thanks to the glow of the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree in the great room below, navigating the upstairs hallway was simple, and she quickly made her way over to the stairs. She was halfway down the steps when one of them creaked. The sound seemed to echo around her and she froze in place, sure Ryan must have heard it. She held her breath, straining her ears to for even the slightest sound that she might have woken him up, but all she heard was the click of the thermostat, then a soft purr as the central heat turned on. Letting out a sigh
of relief, she turned around and continued down the stairs.

Once on the first floor, Dru hurried into the great room and dropped to her knees in front of the Christmas tree. There were quite a few presents with her name on them underneath it, but right now she
was only interested in one of them—a small box with a gold bow on top.

Pulse racing excitedly, she picked up the box and shook it. She didn’t hear anything, so she turned it in several different directions and repeated the motion. She was usually so good at this that she could tell the difference between a pair of dangly earrings and hoops. But this box was giving her no clues at all. It was possible Ryan had added extra
tissue paper around the item, knowing she would shake the box.

There was only one thing to do. She carefully peeled back first one piece of tape, then another. Yes! Ryan had used the pricey gift wrap tape that didn’t tear the paper when a person pulled it off. If she did this right, she could wrap it back up using the original tape and her husband would never even have a clue she had sneaked a peek.

Dru was just trying to wiggle the box out of the paper when she heard Ryan’s soft, sexy voice behind her.

“Someone’s being a very bad girl.”

Dru froze. Damn! Busted.

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