My new short story “Red in the Hood” which is a part of the Rumpledsilksheets Lesbian Fairy Tales anthology released by Ravenous Romance. “Red in the Hood” is an urban paranormal retelling of the classic Little Red Riding Hood. Check out my new short plus the other wonderful stories in this anthology. Written under my pen name Vivica Lace. f/f/f

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Blurb for Red in the Hood

Forbidden urges take over Dani as she watches Red visit her grandmother each day. Trapped in an urban jungle, constrained by the laws of her pack, Dani struggles with her attraction to Red. Unable to resist her yearning any longer, Dani breaks all the rules and finds her happily ever after.

Excerpt for Red in the Hood

Dani could hear the fast-paced clicks of Red’s heels on the concrete as she hurried to the building. They matched the frantic rhythm of Red’s heart. The wolf in Dani enhanced her senses, especially her hearing and sense of smell. Red hadn’t grown up in the hood. Only began coming around when her grandma got sick about six months ago. Each day, Dani hurried home to see her, but never spoke to Red. Dani didn’t understand her attraction to this female. She tried to ignore it, but was drawn to Red.

“Yo, D. Wus up?” Aaron flashed Dani a sideways grin, eyeing her up and down.

Dani punched Aaron in the arm. He was her little brother’s best friend and a pain in her ass. “Not much. Don’t y’all have something better to do than just sit out here all day?” Dani took a seat on the steps behind her brother, Dwayne, never taking her eyes off Red.

Aaron shifted his eyes across the street, then back to Dani. “Seriously, I don’t understand you. You can have any male from the pack you want, but you want a human female. You know the elders will never allow it.” The solemn tone in his voice gave warning of his seriousness.

“Ain’t nobody thinking about that girl,” Dani lied, glancing across the street.

Red climbed the concrete steps to the front door of the brick building, her chocolate legs accentuated with each step she took in the four-inch stilettos. They were runner’s legs, long and lithe, good for wrapping around your waist. The red dress she wore hugged her like poured latex, pushing her breasts up so they nearly spilled out the top. Liquid fire surged through Dani’s veins when she thought about those breasts in her mouth. She imagined her hands skirting the contours of Red’s body and slipping under the dress. Wet heat coursed between Dani’s legs.

Dani ran her hands through her mess of curls and breathed deeply to regain her composure, not wanting the males to scent her arousal and Red disappeared into the building. Damn that girl was hot. Even though she was off limits, Dani had to have her. Red’s image taunted Dani every night. She tried to push Red out of her mind with others, but that only made Dani want her more. Each random face replaced with Red’s. The power she held over Dani was as if they were mated, but this was impossible. Only males and females mated. Right? Was Fate so cruel that she bonded Dani to an impossible partner?

Dani had to find out more about this girl. Red’s mother never came back after college, disappointing everyone in the neighborhood. She was the first to escape. It wasn’t until twenty years later that Red showed up, bringing food and medicine to the failing elder. At one sniff, Dani knew Red wasn’t one of them, her smell distinctly human. The gene sometimes skipped a generation.

They were the lucky ones.