Bitten by Paranormal Romance has given An Everlasting Bite, the TOP BITE AWARD!!

“This is Stacey Kennedy’s new spin off from her Magic Sword series called The Blue Bloods series. This is my favorite by Stacey, the others are very good, but this wolf story just satisfied me in all the right areas. I loved everything about this book from the dangerous action to how Stacey wrote the wolves. You cant have to much dominant Alpha As always Stacey gives you romance, hot sex and leaves a happy ending. This book has an excellent mystery I never guessed it to be blank LOL you thought I was going to say it NOPE… So take a walk on the wild wolf side and give this one a try.

With this being a spin off you can read her Magic Sword series to find out more about this couple and I would suggest it, they are good books, but Stacey tells enough so you don’t really have to go back and read the Magic Sword series to understand this one.” Laurie

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