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    Default Right Where I Need To Be

    Right Where I Need to Be
    Contemporary Romance
    (Pages 298) Hot
    Published by The Wild Rose Press

    Logan Malone needs an acting job and fast. With his string of broken hearts, his professional life lies in shambles. To resurrect his career, he must audition for a television role which could be the job of a lifetime.

    Cass Jenson needs an actor for her made for TV movie. The previous actor dropped out, leaving her stranded. Her savior shows up looking sinfully sexy and totally right for the part, but what part is she auditioning him for - her movie or her bed?

    Logan’s hand caressed her shoulder. “Can I help you finish? You and your friend should be sipping margaritas and ordering the lawn boy around, not sweating yourselves to death.”

    She raised her brows. “You thought being a movie star meant you were entitled, that’s what.”

    A wolfish grin curled his lips. Flecks of gold lit his hazel eyes, sending a fresh rush of lust to her core. He leaned in very close to her ear. “Maybe.”

    She took a fortifying breath and fought the urge to taste him. Damn that cologne. Her heart skipped a beat. She donned her best sultry smile. Two could play his game. “Really?”

    He nodded. She licked her dry lips. How could one man be so irritating and damn sexy at the same time? She scooted close enough so her bare knee brushed against his denim-clad thigh. Firm muscles without an ounce of fat. Ooh. “Do you want to explore?”


    Cass took his hand, teasing his palm with her fingers and caressing the creases in his skin. His voice went from friendly to sexy in an instant, making her thighs quiver with excitement. “Cass.”

    “Yes.” She bit her bottom lip and filled his hand. “Okay. Explore to your little heart’s content.”

    His eyes opened wide before he scrunched his brows. “Keys?”

    Cass grinned. “Yep.”

    His blank expression turned into a frown. “For what?”
    She patted his thigh and stood up. “The mower. Tell me when you finish. I’ve got an acre in the back that’s got your name on it.”
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