Angel Tree is a free Christmas Story, so take a breather and read one that will put you in the Christmas spirit :)
You can now buy my BOOKS! The ebook versions are available for your ereaders or for reading on your computer/laptop/tablets or most phones, just about all devices will let you read an ebook on it :)
Another very nice aspect of Ebooks is that they are more reasonable to obtain.
To celebrate my ebooks being available and for all the new EREADERS out there, be sure and check out the coupons for a 40% savings on all my books on Smashword. The coupon codes will only work on Smashwords, you enter the five digit code at checkout, the coupon codes are listed below for each book.
All my books are available at the following retails online: Barnes & Noble, Kobo/Borders, Sony, Apple, Diesel. I am working on my print books and will keep you posted when they are available. I do have many copies of my books in print on hand, so please contact me if you are interested.
Smashwords has them all up and ready :) and have the 40% savings with the coupons.
Link to Jewel's Books at SMASHWORDS

COUPONS CODES = 40% MAKES ALL EBOOKS $2.99 AT SMASHWORDS coupons are good through Jan 12th, 2011
Afternoon Delights - MF68S
Catching Shadows - XV72V
Do You Believe in Magic? - HY78X
Hell to Heaven - SN27G
Ice Maiden - GN57W
Undercover Love - WF86W
Creole Blues - ZC97L
Darlin' - UT25Z
Dream Lover - SS87Q
Moondock - AP72C
Pinky Swear - TC52B
Riverboats and Rainbows - DZ73J
Savage Destiny - QF76Q
Stargazer - DM56S
Timeless Love - LV94H

Merry Christmas!