*Sky’s doing the happy dance* Christmas has come three days early! How so? Heart of Vesuvius (Sequel to Darkest Memory) was released today! Rating? Sizzling hot!

Here’s a steamy little scene between Salvator and Alexandria…

“What should I paint?” she murmured to herself.

“What you feel living in the rock.”

Alex wasn’t surprised Salvator stood so closely by her side, that his hand covered hers while she caressed the rock. “You want what I feel?”

“Yes, bella, all you feel.”

Opening her eyes, she watched his long fingers ride hers over the stone. Alex wanted to debate with him, figure out his methods, yet another less used part of her didn’t care, adored the potential only an artist was capable of feeling. “You already know what I will paint.”

“No,” he said close to her ear. “If I did this would not work.”

Turning, she curved into his side, repelled but needing his closeness. “So now you are a prophet as well.”

“I am vampire,” he whispered into her hair, sniffing as though she smelled unique. “I believe in your talent. If my instinct tells me to let you paint, I listen to it.”

“Paint, Alexandria,” he breathed close to her ear, tongue flicking out, sending shivers through her. “Paint.”

Before she could voice another word, his hand found hers and he slid something into her palm.

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Happy Holidays all!

~Sky P.