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    Default First book in the series


    I'm glad you're interested enough to venture in and see who I am. I could easily be the sweetheart next door or the fun loving soccer mom! I'm just like you...but I dared to venture one step further in obtaining my dream of being an author, so here I am. I'm not waiting for a publisher to get my books in print because I want to share stories that others want to read right now.

    I assume you're here looking for a great story that pushes the envelope and dares to share those activities one might only dream about in the privacy of their sleep induced darkness. Have you wondered about what if feels like to be tied and maybe blindfolded while someone caresses your body, introducing you to new sensations? Welcome to my world. I will make it okay for you to read about those fantasies because here it's okay. You're not actually taking part in the activities yet you get to enjoy being a part them because I will pull you into my world to play with my characters.

    Sound like something you want to know more about? Exactly! I knew you'd agree so come the link, go read a few pages and see if you dare to buy the rest of the story. I think you will if only to see what lies ahead for my two characters who have agreed to join the 'lifestyle' that only a few enjoy. Some consider it taboo yet others find such a satisfaction in what awaits them.

    HERE is the link...I hope you enjoy the story and want more installments. Let me know!
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