Considering erotic romance, what do YOU consider is 'going too far' regarding sexual activity in the books you read? Now remember, when the titles and blurbs tell you upfront you're entering the 'erotic romance' genre, one already understands that means the author will push the envelope of what is normally written in a romance novel, hence the additional genre heading.

My books discuss the soft bondage Dom/sub relationship, so, knowing this, a reader should already understand the subject matter of what might be written about so...does a reader have a right to be offended by what they might read?

Do you ever learn new activities that you've not tried with your partner? One doesn't understand the 'why' when they read about something new, only that THEY haven't tried it yet. If certain activities are approached in a loving nature between consenting adults, the acts that are performed can be very sexually stimulating and satisfying. To each his own, so to speak.

I hope after reading about Sondra and her Master, you will want to know more about the lifestyle they've chosen and want to know what's next for them. What are YOUR thoughts? I'd like to know....