Sondra appears to be enjoying her new lifestyle but trust is a big part of this new venture she's taken on. Can she continue to fully trust her Master? Will He always have her safety in mind when he decides to take her to the next level? How long can she function on the edge? Release comes eventually but...can she hold out?

Stay tuned for the upcoming books in the series to see what sexually arousing activities He has in store for her...both in and out of the office. He knows He has to earn her trust but He also knows she must follow His orders and be obedient. If she disobeys, she has already agreed to abide by whatever punishment He sets forth for her. Will she disobey on purpose because she craves the subservient position? Or because she knows the end result is worth whatever she has to endure to reach the point of ecstasy?

These two will meet others in this lifestyle and Sondra will have more tests in her future. She will also be surprised to find out just how many others have chosen this way. Stay tuned for more on the tantalizing adventures that will have you coming back for more!