Considering the number of hits these posts are getting...and that this is in the 'chatter' section of my Coffee Page, why is no one leaving a chatter message? I really don't want to be in here all by my little lonesome, talking to myself but that seems to be what's happening. We all want to read about the 'good' stuff but I want some input to help me as an author also.

Come on... you can do it! Somebody chime in and let's discuss a few questions or thoughts that have been in the back of your mind that you would like to try one day. I know you have 'those' thoughts because I do! LOL And you are no different...maybe I'm a little braver but I doubt it.

We haven't can take the blindfold there, too, ya know....deep in the woods where you can smell the pine and the damp earth on a warm day, an untraveled road...only the birds are chirping...both of you pick out a spot where no one will bother you. Let's say you're going to make HIM be blindfolded first - and you brought the restraints and the ropes. Now, let's look for a fallen tree that would make for a nice place to bend him over. Tie his wrists spread out on one side and spread his ankles out and tie them on the other side. Yes of course he's already taken off all his clothes at your command while you watched.

Now the toy box is in the car so go get that. Inside are all the soft wonderful toys, plugs and yes, tingling creams and the oils. What? This isn't YOUR toy box??

My toy box also includes feathers, various other toys that buzz, extra batteries, restraints for the boys...ooppps...ok fine I'll leave them in there!

Hmmm.....what would be in YOUR toy box? You can tell me, we all want to know....come on. This IS the chatter room after all and that's why all of us stop to see what juicy chatter is happening.