Author of historical romance, Grace Elliot, starts the new year looking at how the Victorian's fed their pets. If you are interested in history and adore animals, then you'll love this blog.

This week I look at how the Victorians fed their pets in the days of the ‘Cat’s lace w:st="on">Meat Man.lace>’
‘Many visitors came to the streets…the muffin man and Cats’ lace w:st="on">Meat Man.lace> The latter carried their wares on long skewers over their shoulders. The smell drew all the strays.’ (A London resident writing in 1920.) >>
From the 1700’s until the early 20th century the ‘Cat’s Meat Man’ was a common sight, hawking meat around the city streets of lace w:st="on">Britainlace>. Charles Dickens even wrote about how, as a 6 year old child when confined to the house through ill health, he wrote a play called ‘The Cat’s lace w:st="on">Meat Man.lace>’


Grace x