I've decided to write the prequel so you can meet and get to know both characters a little better. Visit my other links and read more about The Boss's Pet. I'm also making it a free read on Smashwords when I finish it so stay tuned for the release date coming soon! You won't want to miss how Sondra gets introduced to a new lifestyle and the contract she signs!!

Nick Carrington is her new boss but he wants more than just a new employee and office manager! Can he get close enough to make HER want more? He's a smooth operator and usually gets what he wants but finds that Sondra is not so easy to sway. He's going to have to work a bit harder with this sexy woman to get her to open up and see his way is better for them both.

Sondra Prentice has been too busy working with and for her clients and keeping up with the market changes to date often. Her last relationship didn't end well because she worked too much and played too little but her job meant more to her than a high maintenance, demanding man who wanted eye candy for his arm.

I would like to have this free read available for you by the end of January but we'll see how the day job goes! LOL Just know that I'm working hard to help make you.....want to read more! *wink* Thank you so much for popping in to see what's happening here!