It started out as one of those perfect days. You know the kind, where the whole world seems happy and the possibilities seem endless.

Our first day in Las Vegas as an engaged couple.

The sun had risen over the neon signs, bright and clear as the twinkling of the new diamond ring on my left hand. The air was warm but not too hot. Rob was there with me. We both had nowhere to go and nothing to do for an entire week. Our days would be filled with each other. No schedules. No cares.

Happy castaways on the sea of love we were. Our cell phones to remain turned off, our inboxes unchecked. No plans to even turn on a television to distract us from each other and our bliss-filled existence.

My life was finally perfect. Sandy and Rob. Rob and Sandy. I was inspired to write it over and over again on the pad on the desk in our luxurious hotel room.

One day we’d have to return to the real world but the best part was, we’d be returning there together because he loved me and I loved him.

Yeah, I know, it all sounds like those sugar sweet love songs that make you want to gag when you’re alone and single. The songs that those nauseatingly happy couples choose for their first dance at their weddings. The weddings where single girls are forced to buy useless registry gifts and fawn over the smiling bride when you really hope she trips on her long white dress. But now it was my turn. I was the one in love. Loved. I was the one who would make my friends buy expensive hideous dresses to wear to my wedding. Or maybe we’d find a chapel and do it right here, right now. I didn’t care. It was now my life that was perfect.

And that should have been my first clue, because you know what they say, don’t you? When things seem too good to be true, they usually are.

...to be continued