The sun rose, bright and clear above the Vegas neon.

"Come back to bed, baby."

Sandy smiled at the sound of her husband's voice coming from the bed behind her. She let the curtain fall back into place, plunging the room into dimness once again. The outside world could wait a little longer.

Turning toward the love of her life, she could see what was becoming a familiar gleam in his eyes. She let out a laugh and shook her head. "Again? You, my love, are supposed to be resting. You've only been out of the hospital a few days."

Jace flipped the corner of the sheets back. "You didn't complain last night."

God help her, no she hadn't. She'd been selfish enough to believe Jace when he said he felt strong enough for the trip to the wedding chapel. She definitely didn't fight him when he'd proved he was more than strong enough for their wedding night. And now, with a flutter low in her belly, she knew she wouldn't be able to fight her desire for him much longer. "How is your side feeling?"

"Fine. Come here and I'll show you." His crooked and heart-stoppingly handsome smile was like a magnet to her.

Sandy reached out and took the hand he extended to her, letting him reel her in toward him.

He smiled down at the new platinum wedding band on her left hand before kissing it lightly. "You look good as a married woman."

As her insides turned molten from the warmth of his breath against her skin she knew she was in trouble. He couldn't even kiss her hand without her wanting to jump him. All when he was supposed to be healing from a gun shot wound to the stomach. "We have to go back to the doctor for a follow-up--"

"Shhh... Later."


Much later, Jace insisted on showering against doctor's orders. The man was determined to make her worry about him. As she listened to the water hitting the tiles inside the bathroom, she paced the room. Maybe TV would take her mind off the bandage which was no doubt getting soaked with water. She was about to turn it on when her cell phone rang. The caller ID read "Rob".

With shaking hands, she flipped open the phone. "Hello?"


"Rob." At this rate, one word at a time, this would be a long, agonizingly awkward conversation.

"I just wanted you to know I turned Daniel in to the authorities."

"Rob, I'm with Jace now--"

"I figured you would be. Look, I'm not looking to get you back, Sandy. I just...I needed you to know that I did the right thing. Finally. Too late, I know. But I did it."

"I'm glad, Rob. For your sake."

"Yeah, me too."

Sandy glanced up and saw Jace watching from the bathroom door. The expression on his face told her he'd heard exactly who she was talking to. "Um, Rob. I need to go. But thank you for telling me."

She didn't wait for his response. Instead, she closed the phone, dropped it on the bed and walked toward her wet, tempting husband. "How long until your doctor's appointment?"

He cocked one gorgeous brow as she stalked toward him and hooked two fingers beneath the towel tucked around his waist. "An hour."

"That's long enough," she said, just as the towel hit the floor.