Welcome to the round robin of our SF adventure, “Escape from Tekron II”. Each week a different ‘Sweetie’ author will contribute to the plot. We hope you, our readers, enjoy these little additions to our developing, and quite probably surprising, storyline.

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Escape from Tekron II

Blistering, suffocating smoke mushroomed inside the cell. Squinting through the thick cloud, Kira pressed against the back wall only a second before the heavy door exploded apart. Metal splinters danced in the air, raining to the floor in one pool of liquefied shards.
A large shape materialized at the threshold. “S-3 Kira! Follow me!”
Kira blinked, instantly identifying the humanoid’s armored garb as that belonging to the class of elite Rangers. Still, not about to take any chances, she called out, “Show me your left wrist.”
The black helmeted head swiveled in her direction. Disembodied voice speaking through an electronic microphone, the impatient command snapped out, “We have to leave. Now!”
“After what I’ve gone through, I’m not about to trust what might be a disguised android.” She glared at him. “Show me your wrist.”
Switching the L-5 Proton Rifle to his right hand, the figure then jerked down the cuff of his black glove. A hairy, muscular wrist was exposed along with the bright red H birthmark burned into his flesh.
Kira nodded with relief. “You’re human.”
“Stay behind,” he instructed, shouldering the weapon at the ready. “My hover craft is cloaked at the D exit, but this compound is crawling with Drones.”
“I know that,” she remarked, unable to curb the edge to her tone. “You surely didn’t blast your way in here with only one rifle. Don’t you have a plasma pistol?”
“You scientists are all alike.” Reaching into the top of a knee length boot, he withdrew a concealed pistol and slapped it into her waiting palm. “You don’t give common people any credit.”
“You’re a Ranger. You’re hardly common people.” Though her arm throbbed from the result of the renegade Drones’ experiments, Kira steadied the pistol and pressed it to the ‘vaporize’ setting. She gestured at the corridor leading away from her prison. “Let’s go.”
The Ranger’s upraised arm blocked her. “We’ve got trouble.”