The year is just beginning and there are lots of things going on in my world.
First off, I want to thank all my wonderful readers and fans for following me, and giving me the inspiration to continue writing, granting me little snippets of ideas for my upcoming novels, and gifting me with their gracious friendship. You are all a blessing to have in my life and I cannot say how much you all mean to me. Big hugs to each of you, and may the New Year grant you all your dreams and wishes.
Meanwhile, I have began to drift back to my favorite hobby, writing. I’m in the middle of finishing the edits of the historical romance, Moonlight Deception, that I’ve had on hold due to recent events. Reynaldo and Cass promise to steam up the pages of old Texas in this tale of deception, murder, and page sizzling romance.
Raven’s Folly, the second book in the Ravensmoor Saga, should be available this summer. If you’ve managed to find the time to read my contemporary romance, My Lord Raven, I introduced my readers to Adam Bennett and Anne Burroughs. Deliberately, I left a lot of matters unspoken between them. Readers sent me intriguing little notes, asking me what had transpired between the pair, and I had to come up with a story that won’t surprise many of you. Adam promised, delivered, and Anne has kept a secret from him for the last decade that will tempt many!
Sometime after that, I should be placing the finishing touches on the paranormal vampire romance, Tears of Blood, the third novel in the exciting Blood Chronicles. As many of you know, I have been working on a WIP entitled Tears of Blood (Book 3 of the Blood Chronicles). Silly me, this is one of the works in progress (WIPs) that are brewing on my hard drive, each as individual as the next. This paranormal romance, though, has me particularly enthralled.
If you follow me on Facebook, many of you will know I am a big fan of the silent screen. Actors such as Rudolph Valentino, Navarro, Mix, Arbuckle, and The Gish Sisters, Fairbanks (both Jr. and Sr.) thrill me. Many of these famous actors faded from the lights of Hollywood into anonymity, or died premature deaths. I saw a potential story brewing in the tales of many of these famous individuals, and Tears of Blood began to form in my mind.
I introduced Amado Gianni in Blood Moon (Book 2 of The Blood Chronicles). He comes across as suave, with an age-old charm that has long vanished from the young of today. Our heroine recognized Amado as the silent screen actor that he had been, rumored to have died unexpectedly before the filming of his first talkie. Amado was not just another character…he pulled at me, longing for his own tale.
I’ve been working at that tale with Tears of Blood. For your reading pleasure, I have attached an UNEDITED copy of the first chapter of the paranormal romance novel, which I hope to have released Fall 2011. For a sneak peak, check out the exclusive page I’ve put aside to tell the intriguing story of Amado and Elodia.
I will also be interviewing, and reviewing new books out there by fantastic authors. The next few weeks will be filled with new faces, new book, as well as old favorites that are inspirational and familiar. A little teaser–look for Susan Helene Gottfried, Belinda Kroll, Carl David, and more thrilling writers!