A dear friend and fellow author, Jessica Coulter Smith, dropped in for an interview with me this month. Charming, talented, and witty, Jess is best known for paranormal romance series, The Ashton Grove Werewolves (available at Amazon). Jess has decided to branch off into a new realm of intrigue and romance, and I couldnít wait to share her interview with you!
The Vaaden Captives series is different from what Iíve written before, and yet itís the same. Donít get me wrong, there isnít a werewolf in sight, but while I changed sub-genres, I didnít change my writing style. My sense of humor is still the same as before, Iím still the same after all, but, other than sub-genre, the main difference is the stories are told in first-person. I have to say, it was a lot of fun writing something other than a paranormal tale for a change. Being able to create a new planet in a different universe, with alpha males of a different species was exciting. The series begins with Sorcha, which released October 2010 with Changeling Press, and next came Enid in November. Last will be Susanís tale, in January 2011.
Now all of that being said, Iím not moving away from paranormal stories all together, just adding a new flavor into the mix. Variety is the spice of life as they say. In addition to my Sci-Fi series with Changeling, I have also published two other stories with them Ė a ghostly erotic tale (I really turned up the heat with that one!), and a vampire story.
Even if you prefer alpha werewolves, I hope youíll give my alpha Vaadens a chance. I donít think youíll be disappointed.

I'll be reviewing Sorcha's tale in the coming weeks but, meanwhile, stop by my blogsite at http://tamelaquijas.wordpress.com to get the 411 on this fantastic futuristic romance.