The last three months have been anything but great, but I spent an hour in my current WIP today and started the ball rolling in the research for my next story about the longest serving Chinese detective in the Victoria Police force. His first outing will concentrate on a single case, taking it from the discovery of the murder in July 1875 and ending with the execution of An Gah at the end of August in the old Melbourne Gaol. (Justice was quite summary if you weren't White, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant in those days). Fook Shing, the detective, had a very interesting life. Married twice, he acted a tour guide through Melbourne's China Town for one of our more noted historians, Manning Clark, was a stand-over man for the Chinese protectorates in the Bendigo Gold-fields and, in spite of a very effective career as a policeman and some well placed sponsors, started and ended his service as a detective third class. (It didn't pay to be an opium addict either.)