Hiya everyone, and welcome to Writing Steampunk!! This class is going to be conducted by myself (Cynthia) and the ever fabulous K.G. McAbee (Gail). However, before we can get started learning about tin men and the ever dramatic world of steampunk, I thought you all would like to learn a bit about us as well.

Sure, you can visit our websites, but there's only so much professional sites can tell you. For example, my website talks about the stories I've published, and Gail even has pictures of the numerous publications she's in. (It's SO pretty!) And then the website for Cynthia Gael (our pen name when we write together) details our current series The Balefire Chronicles. But what fun is that?

So I thought I'd start out by telling the story of how we decided to start collaborating. See, Gail and I were running a local writer's group together. However, we could see that our goals were much different than simply meeting every other Saturday to talk about writing. We wanted to do it. Put the pen on the page, and let the world create itself.

In November 2009, we met for lunch at a Mexican restuarant, and found ourselves talking about writing. I mentioned how I wanted to do a book on witches, and she said she wanted to do one on Witchfinder Generals. Boom! Instant conflict! Over endless bowls of salsa and taco salads, The Balefire Chronicles was born.

Now, I'll forever be convinced that great partnerships begin over chips and salsa. But that's only the beginning. Since then, we've branched out to incorporate steampunk into our writing. Our first steampunk book, Brass and Bone (which you'll get a sneak peak of in Week 2) is currently on an agent's desk, so keep your fingers crossed for us!

What about you? Using the threads to this posting, introduce yourself. How did you discover steampunk? What do you hope to learn from us? And most importantly, who are you? What makes you want to write?

Thanks so much for joining us! I gotta feeling, its gonna be one heck of a month!


Cynthia D. Witherspoon