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    Question The Silken Tiger (old historical romance)

    It is not extremely old, but does anyone remember the author's name. I had the book for so many years and now I can not find it. I remember the title. Obviously, but what research I have done, has not brought up anything. I am afraid it is one of those books which someone must have read at some point to know who the author is. But, if you can remember the author's name. Awesome! I was thinking of blogging about this book. I still remember the plot and what happened the book. The names of the characters are a bit hazy, but I think I can blog about it without the names.

    Much Thanks,

    A Kiss That Bites - Will love some truthful critique/review on this story. My first novel and I honestly want to make sure I am going in the right direction. Please be blunt with me. I can take it.
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    Amazon has a used book called "Silken Tiger" by Cynthia Leigh.

    There is a pic of the cover...maybe thats it?

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