A Kiss That Bites

Most definitely a work in progress. My first major novel. I think the total length I am aiming for is close to 90k or more in words.

A few things to note about said WIP:

1.] I had a Beta Reader for the first 6 chapters. However, I am not sure if I want to continue accepting her help. She has a lot going on in real life and some of the edit she made... are great, but I wonder if was needed.

2.] Obviously it is a Paranormal Romance.

3.] My book is centered around werewolves and other beasties. With a strong emphasis on werewolves.

4.] The book series is about Lycki (werewolves) warriors and I started mine where they start an Agency later on. So, you will be seeing the birth of a "brotherhood".

5.] I am twisting the legend of the werewolves to more reflect a Egyptian and Norse belief system. I happen to love the Mythos of both Patheons of Gods (goddesses). So, I am going to be incorporating them into my story.

6.] Or course I am putting my own personal spin on the Mythos of the werewolf and other creatures like them.

7.] Currently there is only 13 chapters with a total of around 30k words in length.

I am honestly looking for someone who can help spot (or correct) my grammar and punctuation mistakes. I have a horrible time with figuring out where commas go. I try my best to make sure the sentence structure isn't to clumpy and makes sense. However, I am sure there is stuff I have missed.

If you want to toss a few ideas at me, I am fine with that.

In return I will try my best to help with ideas for your own story(ies) and I will try to find spelling errors. I am pretty darn good with finding them. Also, sometimes I can find and fix sentences that just do not sound right. I am also pretty good with dialogue. So, if you need help with that, I can try my best to help!