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    ...marked. The killer had left a signature on the body. A small cross in the woman's left cheek.

    "This isn't Jack's work, Keith." Megan said as Keith rose and stepped back from the body.

    Keith shrugged, not knowing what to believe. "It could be though Megan. What if Jack's just trying to throw us off our game and making us think that this isn't one of his victims?"

    Megan shifted her gaze from the woman's pale face to Keith's and stared at him in confusion. Had she missed something? "What do you mean?"

    "Well for one thing, that woman looks exactly like you Megan. In fact if you weren't standing right in front of me alive, I would believe she was you."

    Megan shook her head, still not comprehending what Keith was telling her, so he continued. "You're his end game Megan. The one who got away. And he won't stop coming after you until one of you are dead or you both are."

    "Then it's going to be him Keith." Megan said, and for the first time Keith was happy that she was starting to open up. That she was no longer the emotionally dead woman he began working with years ago. "Because I'm so sick of his game."

    Also, the families of his victims had suffered enough. She'd suffered enough. It was time to rid Jack of the world, or at least put him in prison where he'd remain for the rest of his life. Even if it cost her hers.
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