Having a new book to talk about is always a treat...even though you read it fifty times before you get to the final point.Odessa is releasing from Eternal Press today. The launch party is held on the reader's loop and I'm scheduled for a chat at 1:00 CST. Wouldn't you know that I just got a snowbird alert that my grandson's school is closing an hour early...smack at 1:00. So. I'll be chatting here today to try to share some excerpts of Odessa, my Western Historical Romance. I just sent a request to Brenda for a review, but I imagine it's going to take a while with all the other authors submitting their requests, too. I'm hoping I get as great a review as I did with First Degree Innocence. CTR rocks, doesn't it?

Here's the blurb for Odessa:
The wagon carrying Odessa Clay and her father overturns, killing him. Alone and scared in the middle of the desert, she faces finding her way to Phoenix and Aunt Susan. Food and water run out, and Odessa is near death when Zach Johnson finds her. Squinting up into his tanned and handsome face, Dessie believes sheís died and gone to heaven.

Would-be-outlaw, Zach Johnson finds an unconscious woman alone in the middle of nowhere. Where did she come from? First glance: she appears young, but the curves beneath the dusty gingham say otherwise. He didnít plan to become someoneís hero, but how can he leave her stranded?

Will the promise of Odessaís sweet lips lure Zach from the secret mission that has his gut twisted into a knot? His fatherís ranch isnít the only thing at stakeónow itís his heart.

Back later to tug your ear a little longer. Doing the wave for Odessa!