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February 10, 2011

Nicked Hearts

How about a sweet, spicy taste?

Teaser: M/C PG13
…The rolling bag crashed into the wall. The ruckus created bounced around in the cavernous bathroom.

Initially, the man inside was not alone. Others scattered like ants at her earth-shattering arrival.

The lone person now at the urinals pivoted at the clamor and got an eyeful of her hasty entrance. Recognition was immediate and she stared back at the man seen earlier across the aisle. He gaped—a definite sign she caught him completely off-guard. As he watched while methodically making himself presentable, the tail of his sports jacket falling back in place, she flashed a devious smile and raced to the stall right next to him transforming into a tiny, noiseless mouse.

In less than a second, a boisterous outburst preceded the new inhabitant now violently slamming stall doors in, one at a time. The innocent bystander shoved aside any thought of simply dragging himself, his garment bag and carryon out of harm’s way. Instead, he hung the bag over the top of the door, pushed in—and low and behold—it partially opened permitting him to peer into wide, intriguing eyes that were alive with mirth.

The woman undoubtedly lost her ever-loving mind for he failed to see any humor in her situation.

She squatted on her bag that crisscrossed the commode seat in order to keep her heels from discovery under the door. Her left hand whipped out to snag his shirt front. The act sped up his entry and glued his eyes to her ring-less fingers. The door automatically closed but he did not get to throw the bolt before the two fisted pounding attacked, the beat-down rattling the metal frame. He made a show of removing her hand by clipping her wrist just as hinges squeaked.

“Occupied!” His gravelly voice wielded cold, hard steel.

Mickie Sherwood