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…I speak of a love that happens betwixt a man and a woman but once in a lifetime…
More than two centuries had passed since the great Earl of Ravensmoor had whispered the phrase on his deathbed. The heirs of Ravensmoor, intent on honoring a dying man’s request, endure a lifelong quest to seek the soul of the love lost of their ancestor. The tale of ill-fated love taunted every one of his ancestors, and Dante Burroughs was the last of the great line. If he didn’t succeed in bringing the heart and soul of Kaitlyn home, the Ravensmoors would vanish into obscurity, lost in time.
He was unaware of the hidden promises whispered in the ancient deathbed phrase, or of the dreams that would torment him when he came of age.
The images of a woman and a life he did not know haunted him. She taunted him, drawing him into a gossamer web that left him unfulfilled and lost in a corrupt and modern world. He knew he had to find her, the woman capable of redeeming his cursed soul and granting him the love he sought.
Across an ocean, Kathleen Bennett knew the torment. Restless and responsible, her dreams are filled with the image of blue-eyed man who whispers seductive promises to her willing heart.
A time would come, when the souls of the past would collide….
Dante.” She whispered his name on a breathless sigh, her lips parting invitingly. This was wrong, a section of her numb mind argued. Dante Burroughs was her employer and she was his secretary, nothing more. She’d been in the workplace long enough to know nothing came of office romances. Despite the reminder, she blew caution to the wind. Nothing felt as if it mattered, at this precise moment, except for the hunger.
“Sweet Kate,” He began, and then halted. His words vanished as Kate’s fingertips traced the warmth of his mouth. She groaned aloud, a wealth of meaning in the sound, her arousal evident. Her heavily dilated eyes flew wide as his teeth nipped at the tender skin of her thumb, delicately pinching the softness of the pad. He sluggishly eased the pressure of his teeth upon the sensitive digit before suggestively laving the teeth marks with the moistness of his tongue. The hand she held pressed to his chest moved convulsively, clutching at his shoulder before sinking into his hair. Her fingers tightened in the abundant strands as his head descended and the heat of his mouth settled on the exposed nerves of her neck, sending an ecstatic quiver throughout her. Kate was uncertain of where to place her hands. One clutched at the broadness of his shoulder, preventing her from falling as her knees weakened. The other sank more deeply into the silken texture of his hair, effectively drawing him closer. Her breath escaped her in a rapturous flutter as the burning warmth of his tongue flicked the sensitive shell of her ear. She clutched at him, desperately urging him closer. Dante moaned hungrily, the heaviness of his hands tightening possessively on her hips, pressing her to the undeniable firmness of his rigid maleness.
“I need you.”
Need was an understatement, some far recess of his mind chided. He was prepared to explode, her touch maddening, overwhelming his tortured thoughts. Impatiently, Kate shifted, suggestively pressing against his aching loins before withdrawing, then returning to press more tightly to him. Unconsciously, she imitated the motion he longed to complete, the slow and languorous pressure of her body against him, the tease of her heat before she returned his impassioned thrust. His unfulfilled hunger caused him to grip her more tightly, molding her to his burgeoning maleness. The unshaven roughness of his jaw brushed against her face, scraping the fragile skin before he lifted his heavily lidded gaze.
“Dante.” Kate called his name urgently, incapable of fully understanding the sensations that wracked her. He paused, his intent obvious. She ached for the taste of him and rose to the tips of her toes, wanting to feel the crushing pressure of his lips.
“I’m mad.” He groaned his admission thickly. “So mad for you, my sweet Kate.”
Kate was scarcely able to issue a throaty purr to his words. She was unable to disregard the feel of his body pressed intimately against her. His arousal was undeniable, the turgid length throbbing in an echo to the burn that assailed her. Her hands flittered from his hair, tracing the nape of his neck and lingering on the ferociously pounding pulse.
Her lashes drifted shut, and his shadowed features became a decided blur. Stunned, his lips brushed her eager mouth, performing a wicked dance of their own, coaxing a response from her. The action was unnecessary as her lips thirstily parted beneath his, relishing the tantalizing warmth. He tasted of expensive brandy, she realized, his undeniably masculine aroma flooding her bedazzled senses. Her legs collapsed as he ravenously consumed the silken texture of her mouth, the firm pressure of his hands holding her in place against his body. Savagely, he deepened the pressure of his lips until she was breathless.
Dante pulled back, relishing her disappointed groan before recapturing the promised sweetness. A muffled but triumphant echo of a laugh escaped him as she captured the moistness of his lower lip between her pearly teeth, drawing him nearer. Kate strained against him, savoring the firmly sculpted muscles that encircled her and the heat exuding from his body. Avidly, she returned the persistent pressure of his mouth, the experimental tip of her tongue darting across his lips. The foyer whirled about her, forgotten, disappearing with the unhurried pressure of his mouth, her body afire.
Kate trembled in unrestrained ardor. His hands traveled with luxuriating deliberateness down the curved length of her spine, another pressing her hips firmly to the tautness of his body. Her fingers meshed in his hair as the kiss intensified. Kate was lost in his touch, her resolve weakening with the straining pressure of his body and the mind numbing wonder of his mouth.
“What I could do to you, my sweet.” He whispered throatily, the heat of his words sending tantalizing shivers across her skin. His face brushed her cheek, seeking the delicate shell of her ear, his words full of hunger. “Come to me, sweet Kate, let me show you.”

…flow of the wording and the storytelling to be quite smooth and easy to imagine. If you are a collector of books, My Lord Raven is a definite keeper!
Danielle, Coffee Time Romance