In my paranormal romance, When A Mullo Loves A Woman, the hero and heroine, and villain ;0) have a past life connection because things were left unfinished between them.
Without giving away spoilers, Pearl Kizzy feels drawn to move to Monterey Bay. She thinks it's because she wants to research her dead mother's roots, to feel closer to her some how. But the universe has led her there for another reason.

I'm wondering, have you ever felt a pull to do things that are just unexplainable? Have you explored the possibly of having lived a previous life?
I've always believed in past lives -- And Jenny Smedley 's past life regression tape fed my belief. It's funny how a pre-recorded meditation can have such an effect. The experience is unlike any visualization I'd ever done before, and done since. It's like you 'see' flashes - -moments in time. Sometimes it's like watching a movie clip, others it's just photographs. It wasn't enough for me to piece together...but it was enough to make me believe.

Years later, a good friend and spiritual medium gave me a Past Life Regression. And I have got to say, it was the most emotional experience I've ever had. I didn't just 'see' my past life, I felt it. And it explained a whole lot about certain 'quirks' of mine. It was a very personal experience, so I won't share it here, I hope you understand.

So..what about you? Have you experienced anything that makes you question, or believe in Past Lives? Do you think something else is happening during a past life regression? Like maybe our mind is making up situations to explain/make sense of things we are trying to work through For example, a fear of the water could manifest a story of someone who drowned at sea...maybe on the Titanic because it's something we are familiar with? Is that why there are so many reincarnated Cleopatras out there?