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I know what you mean, but it's kind of scary. For some reason, I know exactly what it feels like to be attacked by a shark and how it feels to ice skate. How's that possible when I never experienced either. Or... have I???
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Great post!!
I definitely believe in past lives. People laugh at me when I say I believe Iíve lived a few.
I have an extreme terrifying reaction to air raid sirens. To the point where when I hear one, my heart starts to pound heavier and I feel the need to hide. When visiting museums of the early 1900 era I feel uneasy, my heart speeds up and I canít get out of there quick enough. I believe Iíve lived before, just not sure as what, whom or how.
Things like that are definitely spooky, right? Well, not spook as such. But, I don't know..eerie? I know what it feels like to fall down stairs and do serious injury to my head...yet i've never done that. Hmm Every time I walk down a set of stairs, I remind myself to be careful because I can see myself falling. It's weird, for sure.

Air raid sirens make me run and hide, too -- as a Brit, I am so not used to them. So MN was a shock -- they freaked me out. Tornados freak me out.