Sorry for the late posting. Life's been a little nuts lately.
Some of you may be familiar with my Hickeyville free reads. Then again, maybe you’re not.
Hickeyville is a small town in Canada where Erik Danielson, my Canadian Mountie Inspector / Weremoose, lives. And where Bethany Haynes, a former college professor, was vacationing when she was arrested for not eating fruit with a meal. Yes, it was intended as humor and was based purely on a joke. That said, it’s still been loads of fun to work with something new, so I thought we could all share that fun and give Inspector Danielson and Bethany a little mystery to solve.
So, we’re going to have them solve the mystery of the Vixen Panty Thief. The first victim...Bethany’s new best friend Victoria.
We just have to remember it’s written in first person from Bethany’s perspective. She’s very smart and has a fun outlook on life. After all, she stayed in Hickeyville to be with a weremoose Mountie. J
At the end of the month I will choose a winning paragraph/entry. The winner will win an Amazon gift card for some shopping fun.