"I'm telling you Victoria, he won't talk to me. He hates authority figures."

"Then have Bethany talk to him because he sounds kind of like my ex." Victoria shivered in horror, and I felt sick to my stomach just imagining what she'd gone through with her last boyfriend. Who had offered her like a hooker to his friends, and then beaten her when she didn't comply. "A sick creep."

Erik turned his attention to me, and I could see all hope was diminishing that we'd have some time alone together.

I sighed, and couldn't believe I was actually considering talking to the deviant that Erik had spoken of that liked to try on woman's lingerie. "What is it you want me to do?"

"Go talk to him but make sure to dress sexy so that he sees part of the lingerie you're wearing underneath."

"And what if he tries something then what?"

"Don't worry. I'll be there watching over you while you talk to him."

"My very own guardian angel." How lucky could I get? Especially when they looked as good as Erik.

Erik nodded, and then told me where I could find Brandon this time of the afternoon. "I'll take you home and then we'll head on over to the bar."