Explore the magic of Wellbourne

Young Peyton Hamilton believes she was sent to Wellbourne Manor to act as chaperone for her marriage-minded sister. Therefore the warnings in the orientation pamphlets hold no truth for her. Peyton begins to seek out the hidden magic of the manor, putting her at odds with the lady who runs Wellbourne, Lady Elizabeth and finds herself being tutored by her rude nephew, Rupert Granville.
Rupert no longer sees magic at Wellbourne. Calling it a slave auction, he resists his aunt's attempts to name him as successor. However, there is one thing he can not resist. Peyton's reckless nature has unwittingly drawn him in and he is torn between tutoring the little hoyden and leading her further into the forbidden.


"Do I frighten you, Peyton?"
"Yes." It came out in a whisper.
"I don't think it is fear you are feeling at this moment."
She tensed as she stared at his mouth. She could back away no further. She couldn't move. She couldn't look away. He was going to kiss her. Any second, his mouth would be touching hers. Her gaze locked onto his lips as he drew even closer. Her eyes closed on their own as she fought for breath. Then she felt it, the slightest touch as his lips landed on hers. Next, and quite unexpectedly, she felt the tip of his tongue flick over her lips, stroking her quickly. She gasped at the strange feel of it, her lips parting as she her breath caught in her throat. His mouth was there, taking hers as she felt his strong arms snaking around her waist.
He pulled her to him, his lips moving over hers, as his tongue became even more daring. He groaned into the kiss as his lips opened her mouth to him and he stroked playfully along the sensitive areas inside. At her squeak of surprise, his mouth became more demanding. She could taste the sweetness of the whiskey that clung to his mouth, his tongue. She could feel him pulling her against him in a way she had never before experienced. She couldn't think. Worse yet, she felt something so incredibly strong pull at her insides as if it wanted to break her apart. It was if a levy had burst, leaving her helplessly shivering in his arms.
The ferocity of these new feelings did frighten her. Never in her life had she felt such delicious trembling. An intense urging coursed through her entire being, begging her to respond to him. Her arms moved gingerly to slide to his shoulders in a supreme effort to push him away, but his response seemed to intensify at her touch. Hearing him groan caused her to melt into him with a sigh of acquiescence.

Just as she was sure she would faint from delight, the kiss ended, causing her to suck in her breath sharply. She opened her eyes slowly, feeling as if she had been suddenly roused from a deep sleep.

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