Years ago, Lila pledged herself to the Greek god Dionysus, and the act of devotion changed her entire life. Now, her desire to serve has brought her to the doorstep of a secret society known only as "The Order". Through sexual magick and ritual submission she can become her truest self and achieve her magickal destiny.

But the trials of the initiation challenge even the strongest of wills. Can Lila's transformation through erotic servitude bring her closer to fulfilling her dreams?

Anointed: Transformed through sacrifice, the Hierophant must consecrate Lila as the worthy vessel after he receives the ritual blessing from his two attendants. This is her lesson in what it means to be anointed.

Genre: Paranormal/BDSM/Multiple Partners
Rating: Spicy
Book Length: Sip
Word Count: 2,906
Pages: 13
Price: $1.25

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