Valentine Arabesques and Adagios by JT Seate- Matthew is a hardworking ballet student. Danielle is the ballet instructor happy to have an alpha male in her troupe. Before an upcoming Valentine's Day performance, their passions flare in the secrecy of her studio. Two heated rendezvous lead Danielle on a quest that takes her to a village in Spain where a shocking revelation awaits. There she experiences the sweet life in such a way as to change her fortunes forever. Who says life can't successfully imitate art?

Martyr of the Flaminian Gate by Kayden McLeod- In the time of the Roman Empire, it was declared that no solider would marry to distract him from battle and duty to the Emperor. Jacobus de Voragine hears these orders, but does not heed them. He seeks out the priest, Saint Valentine to wed him to Petronia. This decision of ultimate devotion causes them both unimaginable adversities, which will try their eternal love in more ways than they could possibly imagine.

One Night in Aphrodite's Panties by Ashlynn Monroe- Dateless again for Valentine's Day, Zoe Lane's annoyingly dating endowed sister regifts a book to her. It's an intriguing book that seems to be written by the goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite is annoyed. Mortals no longer worship her and the thankless holiday leaves her exhausted. Zoe's bitter feelings mirror the goddess's own and soon Zoe receives an offer she literally can't refuse. For the first time in her life, she feels completely free to express her sexuality. Finding herself in the goddess's; Zoe learns being the goddess of love isn't all it's cracked up to be.