Following the brutal deaths of her family, Danya Adams finds herself alone and responsible for her small niece. After finding a last message from her mother and sister-in-law, she realizes that her family has been keeping a big secret from her. Calling a long lost aunt, Danya soon finds herself embroiled in a world she never imagined could be real. Pushed to her limits, Danya struggles to become a vampire hunter while discovering a heritage of tragedy.

The only thing that makes her new life bearable is a young man named Valin. Her need for vengeance pushes her forward. Trying to balance all the new responsibility and find her place in the world is hard enough without learning new and disturbing family secrets at every turn. Danya learns why the leader of the vampires hates her aunt, yet wants her to join him. The secret leads to her losing the one man she loves to the creatures she’s vowed to destroy.