E-books Versus Books!

Book Give-Away March 17th to 20th: To win a variety of books at my blog, read the directions below. International.

Ahhhhhhh! To sit in a comfortable chair and read to my heart’s content! Did you know that March is e-book month? How does a book compare to an e-book! When e-books first came out, I thought a person had to have some sort of gizmo to read them. Since then I have found out differently. You can read an e-book on your own computer. It comes in many different forms but a PDF is the most popular. A PDF is opened by adobe reader, which comes on all computers. You can make the print as large as you want so you can read it without glasses. If you have a laptop, you can relax in your overstuffed chair and begin reading. E-books will never replace books, but they're half the price of hard copies and you can take a whole library of books with you to the doctor’s office or while on vacation.

Today I'm having an e-book giveaway with 23 e-books to choose from. And you're not limited to just one, either. In your comment, list the books you’re interested in. I have Children’s, Fantasy, Mystery/Adventure, Non-fiction, science fiction, and Romance - inspirational, suspense, or comedy romances!

To win a book, leave a comment at http://lindaweaverclarke.blogspot.com