Thanks Danielle for the info on my last "lost" book! Here's another one: A married woman becomes pregnant but her husband is from a large family and has no desire to have one of his own. He becomes angry and tells her to get rid of it. She goes to the clinic but can't bring herself to go through with an abortion. Her husband leaves her and takes almost everything. I remember that she has to sleep on a mattress on the floor. She is, of course, devastated and doesn't know how to react to the attention of her (new?) neighbor. Even after he finds out she's pregnant, the neighbor is interested in her. They start dating and when at a restaurant she sees her (ex?) husband with a date. She is very much pregnant by now and tried to talk to him, but he ignores her and leaves. This angers the neighbor, she is with. If I remember correctly, when she is at the hospital after giving birth, the husband arrives to see them and the neighbor thinks she wants her husband back. But of course she winds up with the neighbor at the end. Sorry this one is a bit vague. I know it was good. I distinctly remember her meeting the neighbor at a garage sale, or something to that effect.