Well, this has been one busy summer so far and it's not over. I feel like I've been traveling since the middle of June and it's now the middle of July. I was supposed to be done by now, but now dh wants to go and visit MIL. I love my MIL, but I thought by now I'd be done traveling and able to get back to writing.

So, I'm back from South Dakota, but am looking at only being around for a week, then packing up and heading for Michigan.

So, If I go missing again - you'll know I'm 'on the road again'. At least this time, I'm hoping to take my laptop with me and stay in hotels with wireless. MIL doesn't have a computer, so the four or five days we'll be at her place means no online time, but maybe I can get some writing done if I don't have email and groups to distract me.

In the meantime, I'm around for at least the next week, so I'll start some discussion in the chit-chat thread - I hope. (Catching up at work might make things difficult.)