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    Main Characters:
    Heroine: Zorna, who has special abilities--gray eyes, dark hair
    Hero: Torm, a Traveler from places unknown with unknown talents--turquoise eyes, auburn hair
    King Fedder: Weak, easily led--gray hair, pale blue eyes
    Queen Vella: Strong, ambitious--green eyes, blond hair
    Prince Sark: Believes anything he wants is his due--brown eyes, hair and mustacher
    Agwan, the Seer: has many wizardly talents: Scant white hair, hazel eyes that change color during spells
    Xerenith (call me "Nith): Black dragon of many powers, including mind-talking, winged, formidable talons and can shoot flames from his mouth, plus his tail has a deadly poison barb on the end. He can be villain or savior and sometimes seems to be both


    Zorna, the Chief Scanner, stood at her view-post atop the wall that surrounded the city of Topaz. Both gates were open, with caravans and those riding harthers entering and leaving. Topaz sat in a pleasant green valley because of the river Havasu that flowed along one side of the walled city. But her attention was fixed on the other side, where greenery gave way to sandy wastes, then mountains. She should be able to see everything in her range of vision, but instead there was a large blank space. Calling up her Scanner vision that turned her eyes from gray to black, she drew in her breath. Impossible! A huge black dragon crouched there, staring directly at her with his sinister yellow eyes.
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