Have you got a brain for puzzles, and an eye for a good erotic book? Then you've come to the right place! Welcome to the Secret Smut Scavenger Hunt! All you have to do is solve a series of puzzles, note down your answers, then send them to me. The person with the most correct answers wins. In the event that there's a tie, I'll use Random.org to choose the winner.

So, what can you win?

Well, there are ten authors taking part, and they've all donated some awesome prizes to the pot:

Lucy Felthouse: Print copy of Immoral Views
Victoria Blisse: e-Copy of Sweet Surrender
K D Grace: e-Copy of The Initiation of Ms Holly or The Pet Shop - winner's choice
Kay Jaybee: e-Copy of Yes Ma'am
Justine Elyot: e-Copy of Highly Strung
Saskia Walker: Print copy of The Harlot
Diane Alberts: e-Copy of Reclaimed
Bronwyn Green: A single author ebook (reader's choice) and a print copy of Overlord's Chosen
Adriana Kraft: e-Copy of Ripening Passion
Cassandra Carr: e-Copy of Impact

BONUS PRIZE! Erotic image from Mayo. See examples of her beautiful work here.

Ok, what are the puzzles?

The super duper wicked awesome (he really is, you know) Kevin Mitnik put together a series of images for me. There's one for each author, and they're clues for one of the author's book titles. They're not necessarily the ones that are being given away, either... we haven't made it that easy for you

So, all you have to do is check out each image in turn, then visit the website of the corresponding author, suss out what the book title is and write down your answer. Rinse and repeat until you have them all. Then send them to me.

How do I send them?

Use the following format:

1. Author, Lucy Felthouse. Answer, This is My Guess at the Book Title

And send to lucy at lucyfelthouse dot co dot uk with the subject "Secret Smut Scavenger Hunt." I'll be accepting answers up until 9am GMT on the 20th May. I'll choose the winner that day, and notify them.

Please note: It is up to each individual author to send their prize to the winner, so I take no responsibility for any prizes that aren't received.

That's all, folks! Now go for it! Any questions, just let me know.

1. Lucy Felthouse, http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk

2. Victoria Blisse, http://www.victoriablisse.co.uk

3. K D Grace, http://kdgrace.co.uk

4. Kay Jaybee, http://www.kayjaybee.me.uk

5. Justine Elyot, http://justineelyot.com

6. Saskia Walker, http://www.saskiawalker.co.uk

7. Diane Alberts, http://dianealberts.com

8. Bronwyn Green, http://bronwyngreen.com

9. Adriana Kraft, http://adrianakraft.com

10. Cassandra Carr, http://www.booksbycassandracarr.com