A.R. Moler's "Close to Home"


Nealís a young, handsome rookie cop dealing with all the pressures that being the new guy in a high stress job entails. Daniís a cop whoís been on the job awhile. Daniís got a soft heart with a more than a little rebel hidden under her Valkyrie-sized uniform. Sheís been watching Nealís tension level rise. She thinks she may have a way to help Neal outóand her husband, Finn, is on board with the idea. A simple dinner to check out the dynamics of the potential hookup leads to good time by all.

Neal and his training officer are caught in a driveby shooting. The senior man is serious injured but Neal seems to be unscathed. That however turns out to be less than true when Dani tries to help Neal change out of his blood stained clothes at the hospital. A bullet is embedded in Neal's vest and has caused a kidney injury due to the impact. Dani and Finn spend the next week giving TLC to Neal. As the story draws to a close Neal is offered a more more permanent place in Dani and Finn's lives.

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