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Five Stars & Recommended Read
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Sojourn with a Stranger is captivating and spellbinding. I loved it from beginning to end. This is not your typical love story and yet is so very enchanting. Derek and Raine are character that will stand the test of time. A man struggling to find his way in a world where the family name is above honor and a woman whose pride will not be denied. They meld together effortlessly. Keta Diablo is by far among the best romantic historical novelists of our time. You will get lost in the pages of this enthralling tale!

It was not my plan to read this book this weekend. I already have a list to read in line with my current challenges. I opened it to look through as I do with any new book. I choose a page and start reading just to get a feel for it.

Well that was enough, I started reading and simply could not stop. If you have read my more recent reviews this is not an easy feat. I am very particular about books I put my stamp of stars on, but this is going on the shelf of favorites and “must reads”.

It is listed as an erotic romance, which to me is annoying, as the erotic romance so many time gets a bad rap. Many see erotic and think that its pages of unadulterated sex bordering on the side of pornography. It is wonderful books like Sojourn with a Stranger that are overlooked due to the stigma of this label.

Keta Diablo has proven time and again she is a very gifted storyteller and should be ranked among those who grace the bookshelves of all who love to read.

Check out Keta Diablo and all of her books!