A Paranormal Shifter/Time Travel
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Great Time Travel Fantasy
, March 21, 2011 By Catie Vargas "Black Rose Reviews" (Indiana) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Where the Rain is Made (Kindle Edition)
Francesca has an ordinary life. She lives with her father, Brother Marsh and and herself in a Miner's Village. Francesca dresses like a boy, on the request of her father and brother. When her Miner's Town is raided by Cheyenne warriors, Francesca and Marsh are took as captives. Francesca does not know what will happen to her and Marsh. But she does not expect that they get to live in the lives of the Cheyenne. Her as the leaders life and Marsh as a Dog Solider.

Ethan Gray is a time wanderer. He is sent back to the past to try and help the Cheyenne people leave and not be killed off by the blue coats. When he is sent back this time as Meko leader of the Dog Soldier's he is not expecting to meet the love of his life Francesca. Francesca is the wild fearless spirit that Ethan has always been looking for. But what will happen when the council calls Ethan back and he has to leave Francesca and everything else that he loves behind and return to a future without love.

In the past I have not been a big fan of time travel novels but Ms. Keta has changed me with her great read Where the Rain is Made. I was absorbed into this story from the first page. I very much enjoyed the Character of Francesca. She is headstrong and very caring with her brother Marsh. And Ethan is also headstrong and very brave. I was very impressed with Ms. Keta's research on the topic of the Cheyenne and how she made me feel as if I was there in the story leaving with the Cheyenne and also doing savage battle with the Dog soldiers. The secondary characters are also very well developed. I enjoyed watching Marsh develop into a man. I also enjoyed watching the love unfold between Meko and Francesca. With non-stop trills and non-stop adventure, I would recommend this novel to fans of historical, paranormal and time travel. I hope to see all of these great characters in future writings by Ms. Keta.